Stan the Man

Stan the Man is a brave adventurer. Or whatever you want him to be... because he is only a sprite that has been endlessly used for game prototyping by a very lazy programmer. This guy almost never finishes a jam or has any style!
But Stan has had enough.

Now all he wants to do is to escape to the REAL world and experience some peace and quiet. But he will need some help and since you are a well-known philanthropist yourself, you will not hesitate to provide the assistance he needs. You are nice like that. We hope everything goes according to plan.

Stan might be a bit rough around the edges but someone like you could help him navigate the world and even maybe help him turn into a nice, giving person.

This is an entry for the OpenGameArt Jam
Theme: Philanthropy

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
Tags2D, Funny, Narrative, Short, Side Scroller, Sprites


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From Pakistan!

Congrats on taking 1st place in the OGA Spring Game Jam 2022!  
A well earned victory to be sure!
I personally had a lot fun helping Stan escape from the clutches of the lazy programmer.  :)
The writing was great and I loved how the story made a strength out of all the mis-matched artwork!

Thank you and I am happy that you enjoyed playing it.
And glad Stan could get his moment in the sunshine :-)